bboxx SYSTEM

Mobile, Modular Room System

bboxx SYSTEM is a transportable, versatile mobile room system for indoor and outdoor use. It comes in different shapes that cannot be overlooked: oval, rectangular or round. It is ideal as snack bar or roof bar, mobile waiting room or kiosk, or for temporary ticket sales and cash desk.

Composed entirely of standard modules, it is perfect for trade fairs, airports, train stations or shopping centres. All external surfaces can be branded individually. The bboxx Cabrio open counter, for example, is part of the bboxx SYSTEM series.

A successful model for exposition booths is the bboxx Meeting.

The bboxx SYSTEM is also suitable for outdoor areas. It was used at many large scale events, such as the EXPO2015 Milan.



  • Purchase price:  from EUR 4,500 per wall module (Complete models see product information).
  • Rental prices:  on request


Technical Specifications

  • Standard height:  2.75 m
  • Wall modules:  round/ flat closed, round/ flat open
  • Extras:  glass door inset, canopy, Light box etc.
  • Applications:  roofbar, kiosk, snackbar, sales stand, cashier
  • Assembly:  appr. 1-3 h
  • Features:  transportable, modular
  • Shapes:  round, oval, rectangular
  • For more information:  bboxx SYSTEM Product Info (see Downloads)





  • Click here for the bboxx-Playlist of the Veloform Media Youtube channel.