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Two new bboxx ATM for Luxemburg Savings Bank

January 2018

The Savings Bank of Luxemburg has launched two new models of bboxx ATM.

These models boast a new feature: the cash machines are located inside the bboxx, and can be accessed via a protected anteroom.


Six bboxx Tower for Burg Garden Show 2018

Berlin, October 2017

Veloform Media is official partner of the Saxony-Anhalt State Garden Show in Burg 2018. Six bboxx Towers will be installed on the premises near Magdeburg.

This will be the fourth edition of this important horticultural event in or near Magdeburg, state capital of Saxony-Anhalt. 

Photo copyright: Landesgartenschau Burg 2018 GmbH.


New bboxx Hoteltower Generation with Bathroom

Berlin, July 2016

The newest bboxx Hoteltower generation is now available. It was set up for Veloform's Partner HOLI Hostel & Hotel to expand their main building. Three Hoteltowers are now part of their premises in Berlin Lichtenberg, providing unique and eyecatching extra rooms. Interested in booking a room? Click here:

The Hoteltower is a transportable building that can be set up almost anywhere, especially at short notice. The Hoteltower comes fully assembled and partially furnished. The final installation on location only takes a few hours.

The ground floor features a fully equipped bathroom with WC and shower. The cosy sleeping areas are located on the second and third level.

You need more space? A private roof terrace can be added on request.


Mobile Room for Living, Working and Storing

Berlin, October 2015

Based on a decade of experience with over 1,500 bboxx Business solutions, especially for promotions and exhibitions, Veloform Media expands the bboxx Living product suite. The structures for private use are is insulated, ventilated and furnished with high-quality materials.

As a bedroom or studio, home office or workshop, the transportable rooms can be set up anywhere, and they don't require any particular foundation.

Customized equipment and furniture transform the pavilions into a bathroom or shower, kitchen or storage space, ideal for providing addional room alongside other bboxxes or existing buildings of any kind. The weather-proof body is made of concrete steel.

Several bboxx Living units may be positioned in various arrangements - circular, rectangular or in a row. They can be combined into three levels by stacking two units and a roof terrace. Veloform Media provides aluminium gangways and spiral stairs to connect the upper levels.

The outside surface can be covered with any kind of finish or material, even with greenery.

The most important bboxx Living models are: the impressive bboxx Hoteltower, a three-level hotel room with private roof terrace and 360 degrees view; the bboxx Home variants - Schlafen (sleep), Office, Sanitaer (bathroom) and Garten; the bboxx Hostel.

Unique in its shape, the bboxx Living remains an eye-catcher. The assembly only takes a few hours.


Kiosk of the Future: bboxx SYSTEM

Berlin/ Dresden, July 2015

On behalf of Lekkerland, one of the leading wholesalers in Europe, Veloform Media has developed the Kiosk of the Future "Lecker 2020", using the bboxx SYSTEM technology. For the first time, the bboxx SYSTEM is fitted with standardized furniture, completely composed of various modules.

The interior of the oval, transportable room can thus be exploited in an optimal way. The first edition, operated by Sächsische Dampfschiffahrt, has been set up in Dresden on the shore of the Elbe river. For this beautiful spot with potential flood risk, one of the bboxx's strengths was crucial: it can be set up and dismantled in only a few hours.

Other kiosks are scheduled for Hamburg and Berlin.


Veloform Medias newest innovation: the bboxx Gartenhaus for Living, Working and Storage

From 4 till 8 March 2015, Messe Berlin, Hall 12 Booth 101 (Berlin Brandenburg) as well as Funkturm Lounge (Entrance Ost - East).


Veloform Media is launching the brandnew bboxx Gartenhaus at this year's ITB - The World's leading travel trade fair.

The cylindric room makes for a striking and flexible extension of existing buildings. This additional, transportable room comes fully assembled and can be set up anywhere in just over an hour. The interior can be fitted with custom-made standard furniture. The round pavilion made of concrete steel is safe and durable.

bboxx Gartenhaus is Veloform Media's first B to C product. Another advantage: several bboxx Gartenhaus units can be composed and made into a bboxx Hoteltower or other formations which, on their part, may be connected among each other by aluminium bridges.

For further information go to bboxx Gartenhaus.


Rikscha Taxi Schweiz and Veloform Media GmbH Berlin are strengthening their partnership

Bern/ Berlin, January 2015

The opening of Rikscha Taxi Schweiz in 2009 increased the presence of Veloform Media's CityCruiser 2 in Switzerland considerably. Ever since, the two partners have worked together to establish the Berlin based, green transportation concept in a number of Swiss cities. Rikscha Taxi Schweiz was able to implement the concept locally with great success, and managed to get clearance for the new vehicles in the Swiss road traffic act in 2011, with the support of member of the Swiss Federal Council Doris Leuthard.

As of January 2015, Veloform Media has divested to Rikschataxi Schweiz all the rights of the CityCruiser 2 model. The Swiss partner will manufacture and further develop the vehicle under the label „Swiss made“ especially for the Swiss market. Yesterday in Bern, Veloform Media GmbH has handed over the patent, production tools and the complete design to Rikscha Taxi Schweiz.

The partners will continue their efficient cooperation for both the Swiss and the international market, particularly regarding the technical advancement of the vehicle.

Pascal Nydegger, CEO of Rikscha Taxi Schweiz, comments on the opening of the 2015 season with this major step as follows: „Taking over the CityCruiser 2 platform represents another milestone in Rikscha Taxi Schweiz's success story. We are the only certified rickshaw-operator in Switzerland, and we are already operating pedicabs in several important locations. The number of cities will be growing over the coming years. Veloform Media's unrivalled know-how has always been extremely helpful, and this new step in our partnership underlines our exclusive position.“

Anselm Franz, CEO of Veloform Media GmbH, after 15 years of leadership on the Velotaxi market, acknowlodges his partner's achievements: „When we started developing the CityCruiser 2 in 2004, the requirements of the Swiss market where our main focus. Thanks to the perseverance and creativity of Rikscha Taxi Schweiz, today we are looking at a certified quality product. Our strengthened cooperation with Rikschataxi will boost the whole market.“


Price Opportunities after a Cool but Eventful Summer

16 October 2014

After a busy summer, Veloform offers several interesting second-hand bboxx- and Velotaxi-models for special prices:

Available are: one bboxxSOLID "Pure" with spiral staircase and roof terrace, ideal as viewing platform; one bboxxSOLID BigWindow fully equipped for a Frozen Joghurt operation; also, a very rare model is for sale: bboxxSYSTEM completely furnished as snack bar "Currywurst" (SOLD!). All items are in excellent condition. Check the Veloform Media eShop for further information and prices.

All second-hand Velotaxis haven been sold. Keep an eye on the Veloform Media eShop and our Facebook page for future occasions.


Last Berlin Wall Segments for Sale

31 July 2014

Veloform Media owns some of the last available original segments of the Berlin Wall. Some of them are now for sale. The wall pieces are located in various central positions around Berlin. The measurements range between 120cm width and 360cm height, with a total weight of 4.5 tons. The unit price is 9,999.00 excl. 19% German VAT. Within Germany, the spedition costs are included in the price. You are interested in acquiring several segments? Veloform is happy to offer a package price. For further details on the segments please visit the dedicated website here.


bboxx Hoteltower is going serial

9 June 2014

The bboxx Hoteltower is the newest invention among the products of the bboxx range. On 5 June 2014 the transportable hotel room was presented to the German media in Berlin. Media such as the Berlin newspaper Tagesspiegel, The daily Die Welt, as well as numerous radio, TV- and online media published the story of this novel kind of mobile accomodation.

To underline it's versatility, the tower was demounted the same day and changed location, in order to be inaugurated the next day by German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier in the picturesque city of Wiesenburg (Mark), which is part of Mr Steinmeiers electoral district.

The first locations of bboxx Hoteltowers will be operated by Veloform's Partner Qbe Mobile Hotels, who are specializing in short-term, innovative accomodation systems. They will be present both at SCUBE Park Berlin near the former Tempelhof Airport, as well as the Qbe Hotel Heizhaus in Marzahn/Lichtenberg.

Even if you do not understand German, check out the way Berliner Morgenpost captured the story - in one picture. Watch the video of the bboxx inauguration ceremony here.


eShop for all bboxx and velotaxi Products

8 May 2014

The new Veloform Media Online-Shop has finally gone live. It gives you access to prices and product descriptions, as well as the possibility to ask for a quotation incl. shipping costs. It includes all velotaxi models, fully equipped bboxxes, but also special tools and accessories. If what you are looking for is still missing, please don't hesitate to let us know.