One for all, all for one

Our team has to be extremely flexible and hard-working. The international success of the Velotaxi CityCruiser turned Veloform Media practically over night from a local cult-company into an enterprise selling its products all over the world.

Dr. Anselm Franz and Dipl.-Eng. Stefan Kruschel founded Veloform together. Their desire to permanently open up new horizons for the company was the motivation for adding the bboxx to Veloform Media's product portfolio in 2004.

Anna Ples holds the fort in the office and supports everyone in the team with a 360-degrees office management.

Technicians Martin Krause and Henner Kuckert are responsible for all assembly and delivery processes.

A large number of freelancers and providers are continuously involved in a vast range of tailor-made services - from development, production to logistics - that Veloform Media's products require. The majority of our products are manuactured in small batches, many are individual items. Customized multimedia equipment for the circular bboxxes, touch screens mounted on the soccer bob, special propulsion solutions for the Velotaxis and logistical tours de force, are rather the rule than the exception.



Bettina Eichmanns
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