Attention getters: bboxx Hoteltower and VitrineATM

Bundesgartenschau 2015 Havelregion from 28.04. until 11.10.

The bboxx Hoteltower is the core piece of the Potsdam-Mittelmark district stand at the National Horticultural Exhibition. An important regional daily called it a Magnet that attracts attention. The exhibitor is very satisfied with the response. All interior and exterior areas of the versatile event-tower have been turned into exhibition space.

The ground floor hosts an info-counter. The spiral stairs are lined with landscape images, leading up to the roof terrace that provides a complete view of the exhibitions grounds. This year, the horticultural exposition will travel to another four locations around Germany. The bboxx Hoteltower can easily be relocated, as assembly and disassembly only take a few hours. See also:

bboxx part of Open-Air Exhibition "May '45"

All aspects of the the bboxx as a versatile exhibition space have been implemented at the Open-air Exhibition "Spring in Berlin - May '45" realized by Kulturprojekte Berlin. In several central locations of the capital, exhibition pieces commemorate the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II. Lustgarten, Pariser Platz and Joachimsthaler Platz are hosting a bboxx Turm with roof terrace for panoramic view as well as historical exhibits on the ground floor.

At Lustgarten, combined with the bboxx Tower, the bboxx VitrineATM with historical Video projections holds a very useful ATM Machine on the rear side. One of the roof terrace components was transformed into a round platform to show a historical map. This way, bboxx was made into a three-level exhibition tool: on the ground, at eye-level, and the bird's eye view. For further information: Photos: Antje Schroeder snd Alexander Rentsch.