bboxx Living series for private use

Mobile Room for Living, Working and Storing

Berlin, October 2015

Based on a decade of experience with over 1,500 bboxx Business solutions, especially for promotions and exhibitions, Veloform Media expands the bboxx Living product suite. The structures for private use are is insulated, ventilated and furnished with high-quality materials.

As a bedroom or studio, home office or workshop, the transportable rooms can be set up anywhere, and they don't require any particular foundation.

Customized equipment and furniture transform the pavilions into a bathroom or shower, kitchen or storage space, ideal for providing addional room alongside other bboxxes or existing buildings of any kind. The weather-proof body is made of concrete steel.

Several bboxx Living units may be positioned in various arrangements - circular, rectangular or in a row. They can be combined into three levels by stacking two units and a roof terrace. Veloform Media provides aluminium gangways and spiral stairs to connect the upper levels.

The outside surface can be covered with any kind of finish or material, even with greenery.

The most important bboxx Living models are: the impressive bboxx Hoteltower, that is a three-level hotel room with private roof terrace and incredible view; the bboxx Home variants - Schlafen (sleep), Office, Sanitaer (bathroom) and Garten; the bboxx Hostel.

Unique in its shape, the bboxx Living remains an eye-catcher. The assembly only takes a few hours.