Newest Hoteltower with bathroom

Berlin, July 2016

New bboxx Hoteltower Generation with Bathroom

Berlin, July 2016

The newest bboxx Hoteltower generation is now available. It was set up for Veloform's Partner HOLI Hostel & Hotel to expand their main building. Three Hoteltowers are now part of their premises in Berlin Lichtenberg, providing unique andeyecatching extra rooms. Interested in booking a room? Click here:

The Hoteltower is a transportable building that can be set up almost anywhere, especially at short notice. The Hoteltower comes fully assembled and partially furnished. The final installation on location only takes a few hours.

The ground floor features a fully equipped bathroom with WC and shower. The cosy sleeping areas are located on the second and third level.

You need more space? A private roof terrace can be added on request.