bboxx home Sanitär

Elegant Room Module for Bathroom, WC, Shower

+++ As part of the bboxx Living series, Veloform Media has developed the bboxx bathroom edition +++

bboxx home Sanitär hosts custom made sanitary facilities. The round mobile building can be e equipped with a WC/ shower combination, but also with two WC, or two shower compartments. This room innovation can be set up and transported easily.

The round pavillon's body is made of insulated concrete. The mobile room also offers active ventilation and heating, and it is also winter proof. The water supply and drain pipes are located in a seperate area and can be accessed from outside.

bboxx home Sanitär comes fully assembledIndividual furnishings are available according to .

It's quick and easy assembly make a change of location possible at any time, without loss of quality.

Other bboxx home editions are Küche (kitchen), Office, Schlafen (sleep) and Garten (garden).

Two bboxxes plus roof terrace become the impressive bboxx Hoteltower.


  • Purchase price bboxx home body:  EUR 12,500 (excl. VAT, ex works)
  • Purchase price outfit Sanitär (bathroom):  EUR 6,520 (excl. VAT, ex works)

Technical Specifications

  • Height:  2.60 m
  • Innter diameter:  2.50 m
  • Outer diameter:  2.75 m
  • Inside/ outside floor space:  5 sqm/ 6 sqm
  • Net weight:  8 t
  • Assembly:  appr. 10 Minutes
  • Features:  Winter proof, with heating, active ventilating
  • Material body:  Concrete steel, tiles
  • Standard equipment:  Heating, door, window, basic electric configuration
  • For further information:  bboxx home Sanitär Product Info (see Downloads)




  • Click here for the bboxx Playlist at the Veloform Media Youtube channel.