bboxx home Schlafen

Elegant Room Module for Living, Sleeping, and Working

+++ As parte of the bboxx Living series, Veloform Media has created high-quality, versatile mobile rooms for private use +++

To provide high-quality rooms at short notice is one of the characteristics of bboxx home Schlafen (bedroom). The transportable bedroom can be furnished with one, two or three beds. It may also fit a loft bed and desk, to become a mini-home with office and bedroom combined.

The round pavillion, made from insulated concrete, is equipped with active ventilation and heating. It's winter-proof and safe. Individual furnishings are available on request.

Your bboxx home comes fully assembled. It's quick and easy set-up make a change of location possible at any time, without loss of quality.

Other bboxx home editions are Küche (kitchen), Sanitär (bathroom), Office and Garten (garden).

Two bboxxes plus roof terrace make the impressive bboxx Hoteltower.



  • Purchase price bboxx home body:  EUR 12,500 (excl. VAT, ex-works)
  • Surcharge interior outfit Single - 1 person:  EUR 3,200 (excl. VAT, ex-works)
  • Surcharge interior outfit Double - 2 persons:  EUR 3,650 (excl. VAT, ex-works)
  • Surcharge interior outfit Triple - 3 persons:  EUR 3,850 (excl. VAT, ex-works)

Technical Specifications

  • Height:  2.60 m
  • Innter diameter:  2.50 m
  • Outer diameter:  2.85 (incl. insulation)
  • Inside/ outside floor space:  5 sqm/ 6 sqm
  • Net weight:  8 t
  • Assembly:  appr. 1-2 h
  • Features:  Sound insulated, active ventilation, winter proof
  • Material body:  Insulated concrete
  • Standard equipment:  Insulation, heating, door, window, basic electric configuration
  • For further information:  bboxx home Schlafen Product Info




  • Click here for the bboxx Playlist at the Veloform Media Youtube channel.