bboxx Hostel

Versatile Accomodation for Active People

+++  The Qbe Hotel Heizhaus Berlin is among the 10 most interesting German hotels, according to Marcopolo magazine. Their hallmark: Veloform Media's bboxx Hoteltower. Congratulations! Click here to read the article. +++

+++ As part of the bboxx Living series, Veloform Media develops mobile rooms for private use +++

bboxx Hostel is a comfortable, clean and elegant possibility to create high-quality accomodation at short notice. The transportable hostels developed by Veloform Media can be implemented with only 12 double room units. The hostels can be extended at any time.

The basic material of the round bboxx-units is insulated concrete. The rooms are sound insulated, and equipped with heating as well as active ventilation.

The headquarters (e.g. GoTic house) accomodate breakfast room, lounge, WC/ showers, an apartment for the operator and the equipment room.

The bboxx Hostel units comes fully assembled. It's quick and easy set-up make a change of location possible at any time, without loss of quality.

Veloform Media also offers hire-purchase or rental arrangements

WE ARE LOOKING FOR: Franchisees, Hostel operators, locations/ properties.

Prices and concept

  • Purchase price per bboxx unit (double room):  from EUR 12,000 (excl. VAT, ex-works)
  • Minimum quantity:  12 double rooms
  • Implementation:  Franchise
  • Headquarters (e.g. GoTic house):  from EUR 45,000 (zzgl. VAT, ex-works)
  • Property lease agreement:  at least 4 years
  • Rental/ Hire-purchase/ Purchase:  all possible
  • Concept:  Veloform Media GmbH
  • Marketing/ Booking:  Qbe Hotels GmbH
  • Header-Image:  20 + 1 double rooms with headquarters (here: GoTic house)
  • Headquarters: breakfast room, lounge, WC/ showers, appartment for operator, equipment room

Technical Data

  • Height:  2.70 m
  • Inner diameter:  2.50 m
  • Outer diameter:  2.85 (incl. insulation)
  • Inside/ outside floor space:  5 sqm/ 6 sqm
  • Net weight:  8 t per unit
  • Assembly:  appr. 1 h per unit
  • Stackability:  uo to 2 levels
  • required area:  from 300 sqm
  • Target groups:  all, incl. schools
  • Eigenschaften:  Sound insulated, active ventilation, winter-proof
  • Body:  Insulated concrete
  • Basic interior/ exterior fitting:  Twin bed, shalves, insulation, canopy
  • For further informationen:  bboxx Hostel Product Info (see Downloads)





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