bboxx SOLID

Multifuncional space for promotions

The bboxx SOLID is the basic building element of all bboxx-models made of concrete steel. Special editions include bboxx Automat, bboxxDialog and the bboxx Tower. They all are non only transportable, but weather-proof, lockable and durable.

Also the bboxx Hoteltower is composed of bboxx SOLID elements, manufactured from high-quality materials that are practically indestructible. bboxx SOLID has also been successfully designed as kiosk, bar, catering and sales stand, ticket-office and mobile view point. The assembly in only a few hours makes this the perfect tool for road shows and promotional tours.

The bboxx Watchbox is a popular solution for outdoor multimedia exhibitions and video presentations.



  • Purchase price:  from EUR 18,224 (excl. VAT, ex-works)
  • Rental price:  on request.


Technical Specifications

  • Outer diameter:  2.75 m
  • Height without roof terrace:  2.60 m
  • Height incl. roof terrace:  4 m
  • Assembly:  appr. 1-2 h
  • Features:  weather-proof, transportable, lockable
  • Permit:  flying structure (no building permit necessary, in Germany)
  • Further information:  bboxx SOLID Product Info (see Downloads)


eShop and Calculator

  • You can view or send an enquiry for the bboxx SOLID standard editions at the Veloform Media Online-Shop.
  • The bboxxSOLID-Calculator allows you to compose your individual bboxx SOLID, see it in 3D with your logo, and calculate the purchase or rental price .



  • Here you can visit the bboxx-Playlist of the Veloform Media Youtube channel.