bboxx Automat

Mobile pod for vending and ATM machines

bboxx Automat is a round, transportable pravillion for ATM and vending machines. Cash, drinks, snacks or gold are safe inside this solid pod. The bboxx is weather-proof, and cannot be missed because of its striking look.

The promotional effect of the mobile structure made of concrete steel is provided by the 360-degree advertising surface that can be branded in all colours, with both finish and stickers. Another plus: the design of the interior space and the size and number of window openings are flexible.

Up to four machines kann be integrated. Make sure your ATM or vending machine is present at the next festival or soccer game, where no other ATMs and vending machines can get.



  • Purchace price:  from EUR 22,500 (ex-works)
  • Rental prices:  on request.

Technical Specifications

  • Outer diameter:  2.75 m
  • Height:  2.60 m (SOLID) or 2.75 m (SYSTEM)
  • Height with terrace:  4 m (only SOLID)
  • Assembly:  appr. 1-2 h
  • Features:  weather-proof, transportable, safe
  • For further information:  bboxx Automat Product Info (see Downloads)




  • Click here for the bboxx-Playlist of the Veloform Media Youtube channel.