bboxx Hoteltower

The Mobile Hotel with Bathroom and Roof Terrace

+++ HOLI Berlin Hostel & Hotel chose the newest bboxx Hoteltower-generation with fully equipped bathroom to expand their hotel building in Berlin Lichtenberg. +++


Book your hotel room with private terrace, in your own tower: this is now possible with the bboxx Hoteltower. Veloform Media's innovation was developed in cooperation with Qbe Mobile Hotels, a Berlin based company that specializes in a new generation of hotel rooms, transportable and available where changing seasons and developing geographic conditions require fast moving and interesting accomodation.

The bboxx Hoteltower is all that. It's designed for two to four people. The ground floor features a fully equipped bathroom, the second and third floor host the sleeping areas.

Operators of beach bars, amusement parks, sport stadiums, or hotels, are now able to offer their guests an attractive form of accomodation, with short lead-times: comfortable extra rooms set up ad-doc, and a striking structure that will be a strong USP.



  • Purchase price:  EUR 39,940 (excl. VAT, ex-works)
  • Surcharge bathroom on ground floor:  EUR 7,800 (excl. VAT, ex-works)
  • Surcharge underfloor hearing:  EUR 1.630 (excl. VAT, ex-works)
  • Rental prices and hire purchase options:  on request.

Technical Specifications

  • Height:  5.30 m
  • Height incl. roof terrace:  6.60 m
  • Outer diameter bottom:  2.75 m
  • Outer diameter top (incl. stairs):  4.75 m
  • Floor space:  15 qm
  • Net weight:  21 t
  • Assembly:  4-5 h
  • Fire protection category:  B1 (in Germany)
  • Body:  Concrete steel
  • Spiral stairs:  Galvanised steel
  • Interior fitting:  Solid birch
  • For more information:  bboxx Hoteltower Product info (see Downloads)