E-Bike Trailer for Promotion and Sampling

+++ The xBob was technically revamped and is now available - with the BRAND BAYK as tractive vehicle +++


xBob is a mobile advertising trailer for targetted promotions and sampling campaigns at the most frequented spots. The brandnew BRAND BAYK can pull this versatile counter on wheels to trade fairs, festivals, pedestrian zones or parcs.

It can be customized as IceBob, MediaBob or InfoBob, making it your rolling platform for ice cream sales, promotional gifts, coffee bar, open air sandwich shop, info desk or multimedia info centre with iPads - everything is possible.

Other interesting extras: tabletop soccer or driving soup kitchen. The first xBob was created for Unilever.



  • Purchase price:  from EUR 4,950 (ex-works, excl. 19% VAT)
  • Includes:  One set of 3 advertising boards (white)
  • Extra:  E-Bike BRAND BAYK

Technical Specifications

  • Length (without drawbar) x Width x Height: 2.01 m x 0.97 m x 1.03 m
  • Storage space: 1 m x 0.65 m x 0.84 m
  • Weight:  90 kg
  • Payload:  up to 190 kg
  • Certification:  tested and certified by DEKRA
  • Brakes:  Inertia brake, parking brake
  • Lights:  LED (Front, rear, brake)
  • Reflectors:  Front, rear, sides
  • Attachments:  E-Bike BRAND BAYK
  • For more information:  xBob Product Info (see Downloads)




  • Click here for the xBob-Playlist of the Veloform Media Youtube channel.

The xBob is a product of BAYK AG.