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Veloform develops and produces
bboxx room systems.

bboxxes are round, mobile rooms and towers for banks, hotels, events and the public space.

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Mobile Rooms and Towers

Veloform develops and produces the bboxx. The round kiosks are attractive room solutions that have been installed all over Europe in some 2.500 locations. They provide solid, flexible and transportable casings for ATMs, promotion stands, kiosks, mini hotels, or sanitary rooms. Their unique, cylindric shape will always set them apart from other room modules. Despite their high-quality, weather resistant concrete steel body, they can be transported easily. The installation may take as little as 20 Minutes.

The bboxx mobile buildings are ideal for high-caliber events, trade fair stands, prestigious contruction sites, and even indoor kiosks, sales desks or snack bars. The bboxx does usually not require any particular foundation and can be taken to very central or particular locations.

Veloform was founded in Berlin in 2000, with production and offices now located in Coswig (Anhalt). Until 2016, Veloform was responsable for the production and distribution of the famous Velotaxi City Cruisers. In 2004, the innovative company added the bboxx to its product portfolio. Since 2017, Veloform concentrates on the bboxx products, with Dr. Anselm Franz as director. The Velotaxi  brand and production were sold to BAYK AG.

bboxx ATM

bboxx mobile ATMs take cash machines to the most frequented public spots. Several diameters are available, and combined they will form a striking group of independent, transportable buildings with advertising surface.

bboxx Event Towers

bboxx Event-Tower, Lookout and Advertising column are a versatile promotion medium and exhibition stand. They feature a roof terrace and exhibition space on the inside, combined with a powerful visibility because of its height and 360-degree advertising surface.

bboxx Hotel Towers

Veloform's mini-hotel represents a new generation of hotel and hostel culture. It is transportable and versatile, fully furnished, and comfortable. This room solution responds to changing seasons and new travel habits require fast moving and interesting accomodation.

bboxx Urban Furniture

The bboxx Postenhaus (guard house) combines optimal funcionality and an elegant appearance. It's a safe, weather-proof mobile building for security staff and entrance booths.

Veloform History from 2000 until today

Verfolgen Sie die Weiterentwicklung unseres Unternehmens und unserer Produkte in einer interaktiven Timeline.

The first product by Veloform is rolling on the streets of Berlin: the CityCruiser

The CityCruiser 1 was created in Berlin and for Berlin. It will be called differently and is present in many locations all over the world. It is called trixi in Barcelona, Veloleo in Milan, HappyMooves in France, ecovelo in Portugal, EcoCab in Toronto, or Bicitaxi in New York. In Germany everybody calls it "Velotaxi".

The serial production of the CityCruiser 1 begins

Veloform upgrades to serial production of the Velotaxi CityCruiser. After two years, the design-rickshaws became an icon internationally and revolutionarized the image of the cycle rickshaw. geworden.

Veloform brings its brandnew product bboxx on the market.

A new innovation conquers German cities: the bboxx, a round, mobile, flexible sales and exhibition stand.

Veloform develops CityCruiser 2 and DeliveryCruiser

CityCruiser 2 and DeliveryCruiser are the new Velotaxi-vehicle generation, responding to the needs of a growing international network of Velotaxi operators.

CityCruiser-Flotten sind in 38 Ländern unterwegs.

Veloform has sold 900 CityCruisers to 67 cities located in 38 different countries, such as Barcelona, Frankfurt, Tokyo, Vienna, New York, Milan and Rome.

Veloform designs and builds stations for the rental bike system of the Deutsche Bahn

For Call a Bike, the rental bikes operated by Deutsche Bahn, Veloform designs and manufactures a system of parking stations.

The versatile promotion trailer xBob comes out

Veloform develops the xBob, a flexible sampling and promotion trailer for electromobiles, such as Velotaxi, elmoto, among others. The x in xBob can stand for IceBob, InfoBob, MediaBob or SoccerBob. It can reach even the most frequented spots.

Veloforms bboxx Turm mit Aussicht

Veloforms mobile towers always attract a lot of attention at outdoor events and exhibitions. The bboxx tower top level can be a striking look-out. The ground level can be open and provides highly visible interactive space. All these features are complemented by 40-square meters of advertising surface.

Veloform re-invents the bboxx in bboxx SYSTEM lightweight version

bboxx SYSTEM is the name for the lightweight, modular construction technique developed by Veloform. These bboxxes can also be realized in oval or rectangular shape, and they fit in halls or on rooftops.

Meanwhile, 1,400 CityCruisers are operating in 81 cities and in 47 countries.

The eVelotaxi comes out

Veloform develops and produced the das eVelotaxi with 100% electric propulsion - without pedals.

Veloform develops the open bboxx Cabrio in lightweight construction

bboxx Cabrio is an open sales counter. The lightweight version of the bboxx was integrated in the shop furniture used by brands such as Ben & Jerry's and Subway.

Veloform launches the CargoCruiser for emission-free, urban delivery culture

The Velotaxi CargoCruiser enlarges the Velotaxi vehicle palette: an emission-free mobility solution for the contemporary, urban delivery industry.

1,800 Veloform vehicles are circulating in 120 cities and 53 countries.

The bboxx Hoteltower serial production begins

The bboxx Hoteltower with two floors for living and sleeping, and a private roof terrace, provides a unique accomodation experience.

Veloform sets up bboxx Hotels and Hostels

Veloform starts realizing bboxx Hoteltower locations with partners from the hotel and tourism industry.

Veloform focusses on the bboxx development and production

Veloform sells the Velotaxi trademark rights to BAYK AG, in order to concentrate on the bboxx development and production.

Veloform's bboxx Postenhaus wins tender

The bboxx Postenhaus won a Europe-wide tender announced by the Berlin Police.

Veloform develops the bboxx LEDAdTower

The bboxx LEDAdTower provides exceptional space for Led-Ads and the 360-degree surface of its round base for your brand messages in high definition.

Veloform and slube GmbH launch the bboxx slube home

Veloform, in cooperation with slube GmbH, has developed a new Mini-Hotel. The bboxx „slube home“ is a fully furnished, comfortable room module. It is ideal to expand existing buildings such as hotels, camp sites, amusement parks. But the bboxx slube home modules can be combined to create an independent hotel or hostel at interesting destinations.

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