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bboxx ATM Square

Mobile casing for a teller machine in space-saving square format

bboxx ATM Square is a solid enclosure for one cash machine

  • Light model of bboxx ATM that fits anywhere.
  • Ideal for busy places, especially if you need a large number of ATMs.
  • The advertising surface can be branded individually with finish and/or plots.
ATM Square

bboxx ATM Square
Technical specifications


2.50 m


1.50 m


0.70 m

Floor space

1 qm

Net weight

2.1 t

Ground loading

2.1 t/sqm

Outside surface

4 sqm


Concrete steel

Assembly time

20 Minutes

Fire protection category



bboxx ATM Square (Purchase or rental)

on request


from 850 EUR

Delivery (basic price)

on request

Delivery (surcharge per km)

on request

Prices are quoted ex-works, excluding German VAT. Request an individual purchase or rental price.

bboxx Automat compact

Die bboxx Geldautomat compact ist die schmale Variante der bboxx ATM. Sie rückt Ihren Geldautomaten in einer formschönen Behausung an besonders stark frequentierte Orte.

bboxx Automat compact

Mit einer besonderen Lichtinstallation auf dem Dach entstand für das Festival Berlin leuchtet 2017 für die Reisebank eine bboxx Automat compact mit Lichtkegel.

Zwei bboxx ATM compact

Die bboxx ATM compact ist eine schmale Behausung für mobile Geldautomaten, hier im Einsatz für die Sparkasse Grevesmühlen

bboxx ATM Square
in detail

Detailed description

Detailed description

This light, transportable casing for cash machines is the smallesr bboxx mobile ATM model. It is ideal for installations with multiple tellers. Its look is recognizable, but space-saving.



The surface of the square enclosure can be branded in all colours or with partial plots, or other coatings. Ideal in groups for large-scale or open-air events, such as trade fairs, festivals, or where bboxx ATM and bboxx ATM compact are too high. The two lateral surfaces are ideal for billboards.



bboxx ATM Square keeps your ATM safe and dry. It can be designed to blend in, or to stand out, in any location. The roof can hold extra decorative or promotional features, such as light cones, balloons, or mascots.

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