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bboxx Guard house

Elegant, comfortable pavillion for security posts

The mobile bboxx Guard house provides a casing for security staff in public spaces

  • Slim diameter, sufficient space inside, and an excellent view.
  • For temporary or permanent security guard posts and entrance booths.
  • Flexible, mobile and weather-proof, with a 360-degrees brandable surface.
Guard house

bboxx Guard house
Technical specifications

Total height

2.50 m

Outer diameter

1.44 m

Inner diameter

1.20 m

Floor space

1.55 qm

Net weight

1.4 t

Ground loading

0.8 t/qm


Concrete steel, stainless steel, PC glass

Set-up time

10 Minutes

Fire protection category


Power supply

220 V


bboxx Guard house (purchase or rental)

on request


from 150 EUR

Transport and Set-up (basic price)

350 EUR

Transport/Set-up (surcharge per km)

3,50 EUR

Prices are quoted ex-works, excluding German VAT. Request an individual purchase or rental price.

bboxx Guard house

The bboxx Guard house won a European tender of the Berlin Police force.

bboxx Guard house

With its round shape and elegant, solid materials, the bboxx Guard house blends perfectly into urban and natural suroundings.

bboxx Guard house

The inside surfaces were used to optimize storage spaces and placement areas.

bboxx Guard house

The 360-degree view is an important characteristic. All windows can be protected by blinds.

bboxx Guard house

The technical features include active ventilation, heating and lighting.

bboxx Guard house
in detail

Detailed description

Detailed description

bboxx Guard house is a mobile pavilion to place your security staff in strategic positions. It provides entrance personnel, guards, custodians and wardens with an excellent view and sufficient, comfortable interior space, while maintaining an optimized diameter and height.



All the materials used for the production of the bboxx Guard house are top quality and durable. The main components are concrete steel and stainless steel. Space-saving and weather-resistant, the bboxx Guard house can be set up in 20 Minutes. The net weight of the body is under two tons, so that transport procedures are as simple as possible.



Just like all other bboxx models, the bboxx Guard house is delivered in one piece and fully mounted. The final assembly is completed on site in a few minutes. Reducing the joints to a minimum, bboxxes are suitable for the whole year round, and do not require any particular foundation or recruitment.

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