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bboxx DooH Media

Mobile DooH Media with high-impact advertising space

Versatile digital advertising towers display your message in a truly outstanding position

  • bboxx AdScreenTower with up to four digitalen screens for outdoor advertising.
  • Ideal for the most important events such as trade fairs, festivals, public areas.
  • Upgrades available with info booth, bar or kiosk at ground level.
DooH Media

bboxx DooH Media


bboxx AdScreenTower

High-impact ad tower with 4 digital screens, for unforgettable brand identity

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bboxx AdScreenTower
Technical specifications

Total height with standard roof

5.20 m

Total height with high roof

5.90 m / 6.50 m

Outer diameter

2.75 m

Inner diameter

2.50 m

Floor space

5.9 qm

Net weight with standard roof

16.8 t

Net weight with high roof

18.4 t

Ground loading

2.9 t/qm

Outside surface

85 qm



Advertising module with 4 HD Displays

incl. 4 channel Player-PC, Software, LTE-Router

Screen diagonal; brightness

75 inch; 2,500 cd/sqm

Contrast; Native resolution

5,000; 1,920 x 1,080 px

Assembly time

1 h

Fire protection category



bboxx AdScreenTower (purchase or rental)

on request


from 1,400 EUR

Delivery (basic price)

850 EUR

Delivery (surcharge per km)

3,50 EUR

Prices are quoted ex-works, excluding German VAT. Request an individual purchase or rental price.

bboxx AdScreenTower

bboxx AdScreenTower is a mobile advertising column. Four digital screens display your advertising content in all directions.

bboxx AdScreenTower

The bboxx AdScreenTower can combine three different levels. A ground floor with 360 advertising space. The module with digital screens at the second level. Plus a roof level with more advertising space.

bboxx AdScreenTower

Veloform Media developed this mobile advertising tower with highly qualified partners Gundlach SEEN MEDIA, accessforbrands and Klingenberg Berlin. It is an effort to combine a unique range of expertise regarding all aspects of outdoor advertising.

bboxx DooH Media
in detail

Detailed description

Detailed description

The bboxx AdScreenTower and bboxx LEDAdTower were developed by Veloform Media in partnership with Gundlach SEEN MEDIA, accessforbrands and Klingenberg Berlin. All partners have contributed their expertise in outdoor advertising media. The impressive towers are equipped with four high definition advertising screens at the top, and will not be overlooked at large scale events. The bboxx LEDAdTower is a flexible solution with a standard LED screen mounted on the roof of any bbook model.



The transportable AdScreenTower can be set up on any stable ground. Usually, no additional foundations are required. Veloforms DooH Media provide up to 90 square metres of striking advertising space. The round structure ensures 360-degree visibility for your brand message and images.



The 75'' HB Displays of the bboxx AdScreenTower can receive digital content via four channels. The ground level bboxx module can be made accessible. It can accomodate an information desk, exhibition room, bar, kiosk or social media point. Desipite its impressive height, this outdoor advertising medium can be assembled in a few hours.

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