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bboxx Hostel

Modular, versatile accomodation for active people

Fully mounted units equipped as hotel room, sanitary facility or recreation room

  • Modular hostel from a minimum of twelve double-room units.
  • Can be stacked 2-high, set-up takes only a few hours.
  • Sound proof, insulated, heatable, with active ventilation,.

bboxx Hostel
Technical specifications

Total height per bboxx

2.60 m

Outer diameter per bboxx

2.85 m

Inner diameter per bboxx

2.50 m

Floor space per bboxx

5.9 sqm

Net weight per bboxx

7.6 t

Ground loading per bboxx

1.6 t/sqm


Concrete steel

Assembly time per bboxx

20 minutes

Fire protection category



up to 2-high

Basic furniture inside

Double bed, shelves, finish

Basic exterior equipment

Insulation, canopy, finish


bboxx Hostel (purchase or rental)

on request

Minimum order quantity

12 double-room units


on request


on request

Prices are quoted ex-works, excluding German VAT. Request an individual purchase or rental price.

bboxx Hoteltower

The bboxx Hoteltower group at the Forellenhof Rottstock (trout fishing resort) provide accomodation in the middle of the Hoher Flaeming area, near Berlin.

bboxx Hoteltower insice view

The round porthole windows revisit the bboxx's round footprint and create a cosy atmosphere.

bboxx Hostel

The different bboxx Hoteltower models can be grouped to form eye-catching, individual accomodation solutions.

bboxx Hostel

This bboxx Hoteltower structure chosen by Qbe Hotel Heizhaus Berlin opens up to unlimited possibilities. Connected by aluminium bridges and ramps, you can create groups of bed rooms, recreational rooms, bathrooms and roof terraces.

bboxx Hostel

HOLI Berlin hostel have chosen this group of bboxx Hoteltowers to expand their number of rooms on the existing hostel premises. The hoteltower rooms are always fully booked, and attract attention from passers-by.

bboxx Hostel
in detail

Detailed description

Detailed description

bboxx Mobile Hostel is a comfortable, clean and appealing possibility to create high-quality accomodation at short notice. The transportable hostels developed by Veloform can be implemented with at least 12 double room units. The hostels can be extended at any time.



The basic material of the round bboxx-units is concrete steel. The rooms are sound insulated, and equipped with heating as well as active ventilation. The bboxx Hostel units comes fully assembled. A quick and easy set-up make changes of location possible at any time, without loss of quality.



The headquarters (e.g. GoTic house) accomodate breakfast room, lounge, WC/ showers, an apartment for the operator and the equipment room. Completely unused terrain can be activated quickly because bboxx Hostels normally do not need any particular foundation. Several locations in and around Berlin are operating bboxx Hostels successfully.

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Mini-Hotel slube: Please direct inquiries about this product area directly to our operating company slube GmbH.

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