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bboxx Hotel Lobby

Comfortable break room for bboxx hotel tower complexes

Fully furnished mobile hotel lobby for unconventional accomodation facilities

  • Cosy, dry hotel lounge, ideal to complement existing hotels or hostels.
  • Heatable, insulated, transportable, individual fittings available.
  • Equipped with active ventilation, and optional roof terrace.
Hotel Lobby

bboxx Hotel Lobby
Technical specifications

Total height with standard roof

2.60 m

Total height with high roof

3.30 m / 3.90 m

Outer diameter

2.85 m

Inner diameter

2,50 m

Floor space

5.9 sqm

Net weight with standard roof

7.6 t

Net weight with high roof

9.2 t

Ground loading

1.6 t/sqm

Outside surface

28 sqm


Concrete steel, insulated

Assembly time

20 minutes

Fire protection category



bboxx Hotel Lobby (purchase or rental)

on request

Interior fittings

from 2,800 EUR

Delivery (basic price)

350 EUR

Delivery (surcharge per km)

3,50 EUR

Prices are quoted ex-works, excluding German VAT. Request an individual purchase or rental price.

bboxx Hotel Lobby

Inside view of a bboxx Lounge. It is a comfortable recreation room, break room or TV room for all bboxx Hoteltower or bboxx Hostel groups.

bboxx Hotel Lobby

bboxx Lounge funcions as a link between the individual bedrooms in the surrounding bboxx Hoteltowers. It is also a cosy work place or TV room.

bboxx Hotel Lobby

The bboxx Hotel Lounge module can also be integrated in a bboxx Hoteltower at ground level, or in an individual bboxx structure as break room or meeting room.

bboxx Hotel Lobby
in detail

Detailed description

Detailed description

The transportable bboxx Hotel Lobby is a fully furnished break room made from insulated concrete. It features important technical equipment such as active ventilation, heating and customized interior design. The round tower is winter-proof and safe. Individual extras such as exterior lighting, blinds etc. are available on request. The standard furniture includes a living room table, and round bench.



The basic material of the bboxx body is concrete steel with insulation. The mobile bboxx Hotel Lounge comes fully assembled. Only high-quality, durable materials are used. It is quick and easy to set-up, which make a change of location of your bboxx Hotel Lobby possible at any time, without loss of quality.



bboxx Hotel Lobby was designed for bboxx Hoteltower or slube home groups, in combination with other bboxx Hotel Tower models. Interesting extra structural upgrades are available, such as porthole windows, wooden doors, or tiled floors.

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Mini-Hotel slube: Please direct inquiries about this product area directly to our operating company slube GmbH.

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