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bboxx Storeroom

This flexible room can be used as a storage, workshop or garden lodge

bboxx Storage opens up temporary or permanent extra space for dry, safe storage anywhere

  • Manufactured from one piece, suitable all year round.
  • No base or recruitment required.
  • Many special features, customized furniture and coatings available.

bboxx Storeroom
Technical specifications

Total height


Outer diameter


Outer diameter with insulation

2.84 m

Inner diameter


Floor space

5.9 sqm

Net weight

7.6 t

Ground loading

1.6 t/sqm

Outside surface

28 sqm


Concrete steel

Assembly time

20 minutes

Fire protection category



bboxx Storeroom (purchase or rental)

on request


from 1,480 EUR

Delivery (basic price)

350 EUR

Delivery (surcharge per km)

3,50 EUR

Prices are quoted ex-works, excluding German VAT. Request an individual purchase or rental price.

bboxx Lager

With its characteristic port-hole windows, bboxx Lager add a stylish touch to your garden or to any green area. In addition, it provides a safe, dry storage room that can be moved easily.

bboxx Lager

Inside view of the bboxx Lager's 5 square metres floor space. Customized interior fittings are available on request.

bboxx Storeroom
in detail

Detailed description

Detailed description

bboxx Mobile Storeroom is a mobile rotunda that provides independent, safe and dry storage space. The structure is manufactured in one piece. Moving the bboxx Storeroom from A to B without damage is possible for an unlimited number of times.



The round, transportable cottage is weather-proof and can be set up anywhere, all year round. It does not require any particular foundation. The outside surface can be painted in any RAL colour, or clad in other suitable materials such as wood or sandstone.



bboxx Storeroom can be moved with just a loader crane. The body made from concrete steel ensures that the 4.9-sqm floor space remains dry and clean. The basic electric configuration is included. The round loggia has interpreted the requirements of a mobile garden house in a completely novel way. Interesting options are available: port-hole windows, wood-glass doors and windows, or exterior lighting. 

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