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Frequently asked questions

How can I find out if the bboxx is the right solution for me?

Veloform has successfully realized over 2,500 bboxx applications throughout Europe. The bboxx is a mobile room or tower for outdoor and indoor locations. The transportable pavilion provides a versatile, weather-proof enclosure for a wide range of activities, such as living, working, selling and advertising. The bboxx has featured in a vast number of open-air exhibitions, roadshows, festivals, garden shows, trade fairs, at touristic destinations, and in public areas.

Which models are available?

The bboxx can be equipped as: sales stand, vitrine, exhibition space, kiosk, box office, information desk, storage room, bedroom, bathroom, WC, kitchen, studio, mobile ATM, Getränkeautomat, hoteltower, event tower, hostel, bar, guard house, garden lodge, meeting room, trade fair stand, advertising column, look-out, info-point, snack point, cafè, neach bar, digital ad, LED ad, and many more. All these implementations are transportable. Your idea is not mentioned? Then we should realize it together.

How do you transport the bboxx?

The bboxx can be carried and installed on site by a loading crane (a truck with platform and integrated crane). Several bboxxes will normally be shipped via semi-trailer. At their final destination, a truck-mounted crane can unload them. We will select the most convenient shipping method with our partners.

What are the technical requirements of the installation site?

For short-term use, you can usually obtain a temporary building permission as a "flying structure", according to the German "Baubuch" (construction report). In these cases, the approval procedures are usually quick and straighforward, as we can provide a standardized "Baubuch". Especially for longterm installations, it is recommended to obtain a building permission, again based on the "Baubuch" we provide. Of course, for some locations, other permissions are necessary (from the owner, operator, local public authority etc). The ground has to be statically admissible for a ground loading starting from 1.6 tons to over 3 tons, depending on the bboxx model and its (interior/exterior) configuration.

What are the criteria for the access road?

All access roads have to be level and accessible for large trucks. The net weight of the loading crane is about 17 tons. Together with the total weight of the bboxx (starting from 8 tons), the complete weight that passes the access road amounts to at least 25 tons. But this is usually possible on a normal road. We will go through all these requirements based on the information you provide, and often by on-site inspections with the necessary parties/authorities.

I want to set up a bboxx inside a hall. How does it work?

The bboxx can be positioned at indoor locations. These technical criteria have to be ensured: the ground loading has to be tested and approved for 1.6 to 3 tons per square metre. The entry gate has to have the following dimensions so that the loading crane can pass: at least 3.50 meters wide and 4 meters high. The distance floor to roof at the unloacing position has to be at least 8 meters. The maximum distance between loading crane and final position is 6 Meters. For indoor use, Veloform has developed the light-weight models bboxx SYSTEM, composed from standard wall segments.

What materials is the bboxx made from?

The bboxx-body is manufactured from concrete steel. For all the interior and exterior feature, equipment and furniture, we use a variety of high-quality, durable materials, especially for windows, doors and exterior stairs.

Can the bboxx be recycled?

The bboxx is extremely solid and durable. If handled with basic care, it can be moved, repainted, redesigned inside and outside, fittet with completely new equipment and so on, for an unlimited number of times. Window and door openings can even be closed or added, in some cases.

What are your production lead times?

Veloform has all basic bboxx-components in stock, so we can respond to orders quickly. The production of individual features, equipment and furniture is what determines the exact production lead time. From placement of the order and receipt of 50% down payment, we can usually deliver within 30 days.

How can I discover if the bboxx is esthetically suitable for my location?

Apart from the technical requirements regarding access roads and locations, the esthetic appeal of the bboxx in your particular location. Veloform can offer a several possibilities to visualize the bboxx in any physical context and surroundings. We have developed a 3D-tool which allows you to experiment with different bboxx-models in your location. Contact us for more information.

Can I personalize the inside and outside surfaces as desired?

All kinds of finish, coating or wrapping materials can be used both on the inner and outer surfaces of the bboxx, a. The concrete steel walls are 12 centimetres thick, so that even heavy objects can be hung, including lighting, canvasses, etc.

How long do you need for transport and assembly?

The unloading of the bboxx components from the semi-trailer or loading crane usually takes between 20 minutes and 1 hour. Our technicians will require another 20 minutes to 6 hours to fully mount the bboxx, depending on the number of levels, stairs, and the interior fittings of the bboxx.

Is the shape of the bboxx variable?

The measurements of the main bboxx components, mainly the round body made of concrete steel were defined in order to stay below the limits of "heavy load" special transport. Smaller diameters are available. Larger shapes can be created by combining several bboxxes, or as part of the light-weight bboxx SYSTEM models.

Can I change the number, shape or position of windows and doors?

The openings for windows and doors (quantity, shape, and position) is defined before production. Veloform has a variety of bboxxes available for rent. Please contact us to find out which models are currently available.

Which features does the basic configuration include?

If needed, the bboxx can be fittet with a standard electric configuration. This includes several electrically interlocked circuits, and normally an FI protection switch. To establish the electrical connection, CEE3r, CEE16 or SCHUKO plugs/sockets are installed. Access for water and waste water can be built in as well.

Can I visit a bboxx that is already operating?

Many active bboxxes can be found in and around Berlin, Saxony-Anhalt, Mecklenburg-West Pomerania, Hamburg, Bavaria and Brandenburg. Contact us to know more about the bboxxes that are operational in your area.

Do you offer a bboxx maintenance/cleaning service?

The basic structure of our semi-mobile rooms and towers is durable and not subject to repairs. The finish is weather-resistant and UV-resistant. It is normally the client's duty to keep the bboxx clean and safe during his/her event or operation. Veloform can offer maintenance or cleaning upon request.

Are extensions of existing bboxx-models possible?

The basic bboxx components can be combined and re-combined in many different ways. bboxxes can be arranged in groups, or on top of each other up to two levels plus roof terrace. Ramps and bridges can connect them. For examples, the bboxx Event-Lounge consists of 4 bboxxes connected by a canvas form an outdoor or indoor lounge. Veloform has also developed the bboxx Pop-up Park to make larger configurations possible. All our solutions remain transportable, of course.

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